Friday, November 26, 2010

Hot action at BIG SAM

I know it is deer hunting time but man has the fishing been good! I have had several trips to Rayburn lately and they have all been EXCELLENT.. The fish have been shallow and aggressive. The bite has been very good on moving baits of lots of types. That has varied depending on the weather. Topwaters have been great on cloudy days and cranks and swimbaits on others. We have had a bunch of very nice fish mixed in with lots of numbers. The biggest in the last couple of trips has been a 7.5 ..Give me a shout and lets go catch us some!!!!!!......Matt

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Additional information on 4 day 4 pro trip!!

Please include a contact phone number when replying to the 4 day 4 pro trip. I have had several returned emails and that will give a back up way to respond to you. If you have sent in a request and have not heard from me PLEASE send it again with a contact number. I have replied to everyone but some of the emails have been returned. Thanks for the interest...We still have room for you........Matt

Friday, September 3, 2010


Two spots are still available for the 4 day 4 pro event!!! Let us know if you are interested before we fill!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


  A unique opportunity will be available during the week of October 5-8 2010. Elite Series and FLW tour pros Terry Butcher, Jason Christie, Sean Hoernke and myself, Matt Reed have come together to offer a special 4 days of education and fishing on Grand Lake in Oklahoma.
  This class will be open to the first 4 individual or 2 man groups that register.All 4 groups or individuals will rotate each day with a different pro and spend the day fishing and learning! Only you or your group will be in the boat with the pro for the day.The course is designed for all levels of anglers. It will provide one on one access to instructions that will make you a better angler! Each day anglers will learn how to locate and catch bass on a large body of water. Plus different tricks and techniques used on tour. If you have a technique that you need to learn or work on, this is a great opportunity to request special one on one help at improving in that area. This course is centered around using our years of tournament knowledge and delivering it to the students to make them better anglers!! For registration information and any questions contact me through Looking forward to this fun week!! Give me a shout...............Matt

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How about a FUN day of fish CATCHING !!!

Its HOTTTT. But you can have a fun day even if the black bass are sort of sluggish. I took a trip to Lake Limestone the other day that turned into a blast. My client really did not care what they caught. They just wanted a good relaxing day on the water. I caught a 4lb largemouth on my second cast and was thinking that we were going to have a nice day of bass fishing. :-))....Then the whites came up and the relaxing was over and the fun began. We caught a keeper sized white bass every cast for over two hours. SMILES ALL AROUND!! We finally just got tired of taking them off the hook and went and ate a burger :-).. If your day is going slow and you don't mind catching the "wrong" species, try the whites.. Call me up and lets go over to Lake Limestone and have a fun mixed bag day!!............GOOD FISHN...........Matt